Indoor Pylon Race

Model Specifications Models can be of any design but of minimum dimensions and can only built from EPP Minimum dimensions are 580mm span 500mm length and of 5mm EPP Maximum model weight is 120g Maximum battery capacity is 200mah Only a GWS 6×3 Propeller is allowed to be used Maximum manufacturers specified motor weight of 15g An undercarriage system must be incorporated to allow the model to take off from the floor unassisted (no hand launch)
The race course consists of two pylons. In the heats pilots are required to fly 10 laps of the course in an anticlockwise direction. Cutting a pylon means that lap does not count. A variable number of heats will be flown dependant on the number of entries.
The final is a two minute race flown in a figure of eight pattern around the two pylons. The pilot completing the most number of laps wins. Downed models cannot be recovered by pilot or assistant during any flight. If they are capable of take off again without intervention then they are allowed to continue.